Coming from the audiovisual industry and being keen of two wheels, these two passions were quickly intertwined! Thanks to a keen eye and pronounced tastes, our love for beautiful machines has been combined with our passion for images in order to give life to Mulet Cycle. A site bringing together motorcycle and product tests, road trips, as well as some customs that we carry out for our pleasure.


Our core business is based around image! This is why we offer you our skills for photo services. From private shooting to event coverage..., we adapt to your requests in order to respond as closely as possible! Do not hesitate to contact us to know our prices!


For us,  motorcycle is more than just a mechanical object. It is a state of mind, a way of being and of acting! It is the pleasure of traveling mulet in the wind! To meet this great community and forge links around this same passion that drives us!


We also have a taste for adventure at Mulet Cycle! This is why each year, in addition to our multiple monthly trips, we go on a road trip to discover new places on our motorcycles. Whether in France or in Europe, on mountain passes or off the beaten tracks, the only watchword of our trips is "pleasure"!


From the restoration of our old machines to the design of tailor-made projects, we revisit our classics in order to bring them that Neo Retro touch that capsizes our hearts so much! Another of our passions that we want to share with you in order to immerse you in the depths of our universe!